How to define custom role for supplier & supplier site view only access in Oracle Cloud Applications

By Shashank Shukla

In Oracle Cloud Applications a Custom Role is a user-defined role, that is specifically created for a business user depending either on the business requirements or as per the customer’s request. There can be many instances wherein depending on a business scenario, user-defined roles may be required to be developed to facilitate the client’s requirements. In such cases, ‘Custom Roles’ is needed to be developed to meet the customized requirements of the customer.

These ‘Custom Roles’ can be used to either Grant / Restrict the Authorities & Access of a particular user or a group of business users.

These Grants / Restrictions govern the ‘Privileges’ that are associated with any user & the ‘Functions’ that can that can be performed by that business user.

Following are the steps that are required to be performed while defining “A CUSTOM ROLE FOR SUPPLIER & SUPPLIER SITE VIEW ONLY ACCESS”:

  1. Log in to the test/production instance of the client using the credentials of any ‘Implementation User’ & Navigate to Tools > Security Console > Roles.

  2. Click on ‘Create Role’ & define the Role Name, Role Code & Role Category etc. & then click on Next.

3. Click on ‘Add Function Security Policy’ & add all the following required Privileges to the role & then click on Next.

Privileges to be added:

1) Access Suppliers Work Area Overview

2) Search Supplier

3) Search Supplier Assessment

4) Search Supplier Qualification

5) View Supplier

6) View Supplier Address

7) View Supplier Assessment

8) View Supplier Attachment

9) View Supplier Business Classification

10) View Supplier Contact

11) View Supplier Contact Change Request

12) View Supplier Contact User Account

13) View Supplier Income Tax

14) View Supplier Payment

15) View Supplier Products and Services Categories

16) View Supplier Profile Change Request

17) View Supplier Qualification

18) View Supplier Qualification Initiative

19) View Supplier Qualification Question

20) View Supplier Registration Bank Account

21) View Supplier Registration Request

22) View Supplier Site

23) View Supplier Site Assignment

24) View Supplier Site Invoicing Information

25) View Supplier Site Purchasing Information

26) View Supplier Site Receiving Information

27) View Supplier Transaction Tax

4. Click on ‘Create Data Security Policy’ & add all the following required Data Security Policies to the role & then click on Next.

5. Click on ‘Add Role’ & add all the following required Role Memberships to the role & then click on Next.

6. Click on ‘Add User’ & assign this custom role to the required users & then click on Next.

Note: ‘SS43_Test’ is just to exemplify any generic User ID, a User ID created in one of the Test Instance by the author of this Blog, i.e. SHASHANK SHUKLA to simply Test & Validate the Working & Functionality of the ‘CUSTOM ROLE FOR SUPPLIER & SUPPLIER SITE VIEW ONLY ACCESS’.

7. Review all the parameters added/defined for this custom role & then finally click on Save and Close.

8. Navigate to Tools > Scheduled Processes & Run the following 2 processes one-by-one (Run the 2nd process only after the 1st gets succeeded): –

  1. Import User and Role Application Security Data

  2. Retrieve Latest LDAP Changes

About the Author

Shashank Shukla is M.B.A. in Operations & Supply Chain Management & currently working as an Associate Functional Consultant with rich experience in Oracle Financials Cloud.He is specialized in Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) & complimented with knowledge of Functional & Implementation Setups in Oracle Financials (GL, AP & AR) & System Administration.”

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