Hi Folks – Continuing from the previous blog (Part-1 ) we will more talk about DBaaS here.
DBaaS in a simple way is “Database on Cloud” viz – We don’t have to install, configure database anymore and just with few clicks and minimal time Database is ready to use as and when required.

Database till now whatever functionality you were using and were getting it exactly same features and functionality you will get it from cloud as well.

As Oracle is moving towards cloud and that is the future. What you should learn to sustain the shift from DBA to Cloud DBA. So first let’s see what are the offering from Oracle in this area.

Oracle Offerings for DBaaS –

DBaaS on Private and Public Cloud – Database 12c which is designed for cloud. Have various features like multitenant architecture, higher efficiency.

Oracle Enterprise 13c – Its complete Cloud management solution. Provides visibility, policy-based resource management and capacity planning.

Oracle Engineer System – For High performance there is solution of Exadata and Super Clusters.

Oracle Database Cloud Service provides you the ability to create full, running deployments of Oracle Database quickly and easily. There are many activities which DBA has to do and manage for Oracle Cloud Database. Lot of confusion is there among DBA’s like from where to start and what to learn. Here is my 7-point program to learn Database Cloud, this will give a good start and then you can continue your journey.

7-Point Program to become Cloud DBA

To start with get a Oracle Cloud account which is free for 30-days. Once the account in place you can simply perform the activities. Below is my 7-point program for Oracle Cloud DBA aspirants.

High level overview of Database Cloud Creation

Once you have created the login then you need to create the Database and then administer it as well. As a high-level step or say the lifecycle for Oracle Database on Cloud is below:


In upcoming series, we will talk further on capabilities of DBaaS.

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