From the Administration point of view on cloud, there is a significant change in the Oracle DBA role in this cloud era as organizations are shifting to IaaS, DBaaS or hybrid architecture. In this series, we will discuss where Oracle DBA should focus and what skills they need to learn. It mainly focuses on relational Databases and talks about managing database and other services on Oracle cloud.
The three broad categories in which Cloud Computing has been divided are: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.
Cloud Computing
A) IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service, involves software and hardware combinations to build everything on your own. Three main part of computing i.e. CPU, Memory and Disk can be rented/provisioned on the cloud. Example of IaaS are Amazon’s S3, Google Compute Engine, Oracle Storage Cloud, or Oracle Bare Metal Cloud

B) PaaS stands for Platform as a Service, involves tools and services to develop and deploy applications. Example of PaaS are Google App Engine, Java Cloud Service, Database as a Service, etc.

C) SaaS stands for Software as a Service, involves a ready-made application to be used by its end-users. Example of SaaS are Gmail, DropBox, Oracle Fusion Applications, SalesForce, Workday etc

There is another service as well which is DBaaS – Database as a Service which is important to Oracle DBA and Developers. Will talk about it in upcoming blogs.


Benefits of Oracle Cloud:

Benefits of cloud

  • On-demand & self-service thus easy and quick provisioning.

  • Pay as you go: Services are measured and metered that pay for what you use.

  • Multi-Tenancy: Sharing infrastructure as a rent.

  • Secure: More secure

  • Reliable: Availability is high

  • Scalable: Easily extendible or scalable as your demand increases

Deployment Model for Oracle Cloud

Below table shows various deployment model available with Oracle Cloud

Model Details
Public Cloud Services on the public network. Shared by many.
Private Cloud Dedicated Service Model.
Hybrid Cloud Public + Private or On-Premises
Community Cloud Close to Private Cloud but shared by small community.

Next we will talk more about DBaaS, stay tuned.

About the Author

Amit Pancholia is a technical architect (DBA) at Trinamix Inc. He has more than 15 years of experience as a DBA and specialized in the areas of VCP/VCE DBA, ASCP, Demantra, APCC, OTM. He is very passionate about new technologies; he is acquainted with numerous technology viz. Oracle Apps DBA, Fusion Middleware, SOA, Identity Management, Cloud Technologies (Oracle, AWS)