Oracle Order Management Cloud

The modern age supply chain executives are often pressed for improving profit margins, quick and low rates fulfillment and enhancing customer service.  Oracle’s Order to cash solution offers comprehensive integration of the complete supply chain flow to streamline and improve complete order to cash business process. Oracle Order to Cash Cloud suite provides an end-to-end solution to integrate sales, fulfillment and finance of the organization. This integration enhances order accuracy, drives fulfillment efficiency and mitigates billing errors thus helping organizations to improve upon their sales and better customer retention.

Oracle Order Management Cloud is an order capture and fulfillment Cloud solution that is tightly integrated with Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud. It is designed to improve order handling across the order-to-cash process. Pre-integration, centrally-managed orchestration policies, global availability, and fulfillment monitoring can enable increased customer satisfaction and order profitability.

Order Management integrated with Cloud Configurator helps to configure complex products and services while Master product availability and customer promise with Global Order Promising Cloud seek the best sources of supply and determines the availability date while taking into account the manufacturing delays and transit.

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