Planning Central

Oracle Planning Central Cloud is cloud based planning solution, it is an up-to-date, easy-to-use supply chain planning solution that balances supply and demand, and monitors supply chain for success. Oracle Planning Central is very helpful for discrete manufacturing companies to respond day to day challenges of production and materials management.
With Planning Central Cloud user can respond to late orders, material shortages and other issues by prioritizing and releasing supply recommendations to other Oracle SCM Cloud applications.
Planning Central’s next-generation graphical interface is designed for business users, to engage a broader range of stakeholders in the planning process. It offers mobile, desktop and spreadsheet access that enhances productivity.


HCM cloud

Easy Planning

Internal and external inventory, demand and supply planning

HCM cloud

Advanced Analytics

Monitor exceptions and potential plan changes

HCM cloud

Effective UI

Engage with broader range of stakeholders with multiple device access


Low Cost

Simplify planning

Increased supply chain efficiency

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