Even the most advanced planning solutions need clean, accurate data to perform at their best.

Inadequate data quality is often at the root of suboptimal results, missed opportunities, low customer satisfaction, intensive manual intervention, higher costs, delayed decision making and inaccurate schedules.


PDQ (Planning Data Quality) is an Oracle APCC Validated Integration solution co developed by Trinamix and Oracle APCC to help organizations with continuous data clean up, control, and monitoring. PDQ is a complete solution designed to identify the data quality shortcomings that can affect output, mitigating the high risk associated with deficient data quality.

Features And Advantages

Proactive Data Cleanup

Typical (but not the ideal) planning processes often override plan output to achieve desired accuracy, without paying enough attention on fixing the source of plan inaccuracies – incorrect data inputs.

Frequent & daily manual overrides can cause unstable plan output and plan performance issues. It also becomes cumbersome to adjust the plan output manually and significantly slows responsiveness to customer changes.

High data quality is critical for any planning system. Proactive data quality identification and cleansing and continuous monitoring of data can produce a high quality plan output which is aligned to supply chain objectives. Plan output becomes predictable, reliable and results are accepted for daily plan execution, which helps to achieve desired service levels. Major manual efforts become unnecessary, cycle time is reduced and quality of decision making is improved.


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