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Time with the right price. A great source-to-settle solution is effective only when it can be customized as per actual organizational functions rather than trying to shoehorn the purchasing functions into a misfit solution.

In today’s competitive marketplace, having an efficient procurement process is just the beginning. Organizations must also be able to adapt to change and complexity throughout the purchasing cycle. Businesses that are able to do this gain a significant competitive edge.

Often company starts out with a simple procurement process, and gradually grows implementing an unsystematic sequence of partial solutions to various phases of the procurement process. Over a period of time, their collection becomes needlessly complex, and the breakdown of one can cascade effects throughout the procurement process. When one part of the procurement process is enhanced via new technology, predicting its effects on other parts is not always a piece of cake. Source-to-settle cuts costs and risk and lets you focus on things other than purchasing infrastructure.

Source-to-settle is much more than just a collection of work-stream tools for the purchasing process. Rather, it is expertly carved to orchestrate the entire experience. A judiciously chosen source-to-settle system leads buyers to the right vendors, provides detailed spend data, and puts all its functions into an intuitive purchasing interface.

Source to settle helps organizations to manage the whole process efficiently and consistently across suppliers, goods and services, and thus allow them to visualize overall spending easily, manage supplier data, and effectively use e-Sourcing. In other words, source-to-settle is designed to find you the right supplier at the right


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