Supply Chain Dashboard

Dashboards are essential tools for managers who want to keep in touch with their organization’s supply chain. The Trinamix Supply Chain Dashboard depicts Key Performance Indicators from various operations. Inventory turns, order fill rates, purchasing metrics, lead time metrics, ROI metrics and various other vital performance measurements can be displayed on the dashboard.

This tool has the potential to measure the success and returns on investment from various Information Technology and Supply Chain projects as they are implemented.

Trinamix designed the dashboard in accordance with SCOR model (Supply Chain Operations Reference – model). The SCOR model was established by the supply chain council along with 70 of the world’s leading manufacturing, logistics, and software companies. With SCOR framework, supply chain systems’ stakeholders would be able to gauge the effectiveness of supply chain operations inside and outside the organization.

There are 5 discrete process-modeling fundamentals in the SCOR model:

  • Plan – Demand and Supply Planning

  • Source – Procurement

  • Make – Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Deliver – Order Management and Warehousing

  • Return – Reverse logistics due to defective products

Trinamix Supply Chain Dashboard covers all the above fundamentals for both On Premises and Cloud Solution with Oracle Supply Chain Solutions.

Learn more on SCOR model. Click here.

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