Implementation Services

Trinamix Implementation Services are characterized by the innovative use of technology to solve business problems. With over 70 implementations across industry and geographies we are one of the best implementation partner with unique “Right Size” companies to work with clients of any sizeOur nimble approach and flexibility give enterprises that cutting edge to implement state of the art business processes using software applications.

Being an Oracle Platinum partner organization, Trinamix consultants are known for their in-depth business process and technology knowledge. We leverage technology whether on premises implementation ( ERP implementation), on cloud implementation or on hybrid model to enable a seamless business process for our client.  We ensure that application implemented for our client is used by all end users by ensuring our unique “user adoption focus” from day one by involving them in the project life cycle of application implementation.

We provide implementation services for

  • Oracle Cloud Applications

  • Oracle Value Chain Planning Applications

  •  Business Analytics (Oracle, Tableau)

  • Oracle E-Business Suite

Our Approach

Trinamix offers a proprietary implementation methodology that can be customized for cloud applications, Oracle Value Chain Planning applications or Oracle E-Business suite.

We have a unique implementation methodology designed on sn agile concept of Oracle Unified Methodology (OUM) for implementing cloud-based and on–premises applications. Our implementation framework provides flexibility to incorporate our customers’ unique challenges while maintaining the agile project management basic elements of iteration, scope management and on time delivery.

For cloud application offering we have fixed scope offering (called FSO) that can enable customers on cloud applications in few weeks with business critical functionality.

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